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There are many great online programs but they all assume you can and know how to do every move. That you have the knowledge and experience to maintain good form and balance in training and not just stick to the moves you prefer.

The perfect program does not exist. If it did, we could all just copy whatever Usain Bolt or Andy Murray are doing. Your right shoulder is different to your left shoulder, never mind someone else’s. To get the results you need to train in the right way for your body and that can only be achieved with Personal Training. Here each move is tailored specifically for you and each progression is designed to make the best of your progress. It is not as simple as “just lift 1kg more next week”.

Before starting each training I will assess your movements and body awareness and only then tell you what moves to do. Once I see how your body responds to that move I either intensify it or find another that will give you better results. This is how Personal Training should be done – not selecting one of the very well designed existing programs.

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