The UDB Gym

Over the years I didn’t enjoy trying to fit into the rigid pace of a class, queuing up for equipment in a commercial gym or feeling analysed for my physique or technique in a room full of people. It just didn’t work for me so I decided to design my own gym with my own equipment where I could enjoy training without being compared or judged.

I wanted my training to be enjoyable and ​​sustainable (my key words!). We are all unique and so are our training needs. Training in UDB gym is all about you.

The gym is private, sessions are not shared with other clients and /or trainers. It is a bespoke build for me with functional training in mind. Every detail is thought out to bring you all you need.

I have a beautiful training floor, please bring your indoor trainers. 🙂

To realise your training goals in a perfectly tailored, private environment, click below.