Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness training focuses on the common day-to-day patterns of movement that we use in our lives. The training is tailored to your movements’ patterns and to make you fit to live the life you want to live. It is training for practical purposes, for injury prevention, to improve balance, co-ordination and agility.​​

​Our bodies are capable of a vast range of activities: swimming, running, jumping, climbing, punching, kicking, diving, throwing and I am sure you can name many more. However we do not practise these skills in our daily life and our bodies need to be reminded how to do natural movements efficiently and safe. That’s exactly what Functional Training does, it is not just building muscle and losing fat, it is training connective tissue and joints as well as the nervous system to work the body as a whole.

Functional training is not only beneficial for my mum who wants to be able to unload shopping from the car without back pain. It is how professional athletes train to improve performance.

For the best results you need to fuel your body properly too. I do not believe in diets and restrictions, I believe in making sustainable and enjoyable (my two keywords again!) changes to food choices. This means you can enjoy your meals with family and friends. If this is something you want to improve I will be happy to advise on nutrition and share effective techniques.

As a bonus Functional Training is very effective in toning muscles and getting rid of fat, because you work your body the way it is designed to work.

To make life changes that are enjoyable and sustainable, click below.